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This holiday, consider contributing to
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The Future Looks Very Bright

Four young boys. Three will go to college in the same year! Listen to how the Liner parents have prepared.

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Watch a one-minute video on the benefits of using the NC 529 Plan to save for college.


It’s never too early—or too late—to save for your student’s college education

The NC 529® Plan gives you a tax-advantaged, straightforward way to start putting money aside for your child’s college future right now. With easy online or paper enrollment, you can start saving with as little as $25. Make future contributions regularly or periodically—your choice. Other family and friends can contribute too.

With the NC 529 Plan every dollar goes into low-cost, top-quality investments. There are many options to fit any investment strategy. (more…)

#FirstDayofSchool Giveaway

We had so much fun at the Marbles Kids Museum Kick Off to Kindergarten over the weekend that we want to continue celebrating the back-to-school excitement! We’re giving away Marbles’ admission tickets and tickets to the IMAX Theatre at Marbles to celebrate the first day of school.

Prize: Package of four Marbles Kids Museum admission tickets and Marbles’ IMAX tickets.

Dates: August 21, 2017 at 9:00 AM until September 15,

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Money Management Tip: Keep Saving for College!


From baby’s first teetering steps until your child strides across the high school graduation stage, you’re focused on the future. You read stories and do homework to support their education. You attend games, performances, and festivals so that they develop as well-rounded people. You foster good behavior and encourage community spirit so that they join society as responsible adults. Each move you make, including opening a college savings account,

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Kicking Off to Kindergarten

Future kindergartners and their parents had a blast at the first of two annual Kickoff to Kindergarten events that are sponsored by the North Carolina College Savings Program (NC 529 Plan). The first event was held June 22 at Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh; the second is to be held on August 19 from 9 AM – 5PM. The free event helped future students learn the ins and outs of navigating their first year of grade school.

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The Kindergarten Milestone

The first years of your child’s life are filled with countless milestones: crawling, walking, talking, making friends, learning to count and read. There were first teeth and new words spoken. There were first-time holidays and new traditions begun. Then, you blinked, and now you are weeks away from the next milestone ­— starting kindergarten!

Preparing for an Educational Milestone

Just in Wake County, nearly 12,000 students are expected to enter schools this year as the class of 2030.

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