The NC 529® Plan college savings program gives you a simple, tax-advantaged way to put money away now for your child's future.

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Saving for college doesn't have to be a hardship. The NC 529® Plan offers multiple ways you can contribute to your account. Choose the ones that work best for you. 

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Keep more of your money for your students’ future

With no fee or sales charges when you open an NC 529 Account and low investment fees and expenses plus tax-free earnings, you can put more away to save for college.

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It’s never too early — or too late — to save for your student’s college education

The NC 529® Plan gives you a tax-advantaged, straightforward way to start putting money aside for your child’s college future right now. With easy online or paper enrollment, you can start saving with as little as $25. Make future contributions regularly or periodically – your choice. Other family and friends can contribute too.

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Why Kindergarten is the Perfect Time to Start Saving for College

Dropping your child off on the first day of kindergarten will probably be emotional for both of you. The first day of school can be exciting, but your child may be nervous about being left there for the first time. At least you can reassure your child you’ll be together again at the end of the day and eager to talk about this new experience.

But, while your love and support is always important,

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Your Ultimate Kindergarten Checklist

Starting kindergarten is a big step for your little one – and your family.  Whether it’s your first child or your fourth, preparing for the big day never seems to get any less chaotic. There’s a lot to do and learn before sending a young one off to school for the first time.


That’s why we’ve created a free printable checklist to help you keep track of things along the way.

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Tips for Talking to Your Child about Paying for College

As you cuddle your newborn, you likely dream of how you’ll lavish your child with anything and everything for a “good life.”  As you gain more parental experience, you’ll likely soon realize how much your child learns from finding out how much he or she can personally do. Instead of handling everything for your child, your goal may become gradually providing opportunities for your child to be involved in making his or her own choices and learning to handle money responsibly —

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Tight Budget? You Can Still Save for College.

Saving for a college education for your children is more important than ever, but on a limited budget, putting away money every month can be difficult. But the reality is that whatever amount you can save for a college education can help. Money you put away is an investment in your child’s future and opening an account in the NC 529® Plan will get you started.


Why Save in an NC 529 account?

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