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Saving with a North Carolina 529 plan is simple. You start by creating a CFNC profile. CFNC is a free, not-for-profit service of the State of North Carolina, so your information will never be shared and will remain totally confidential.

When you create an account on you will have a single place to easily:

  • Set up an NC 529 plan and begin saving.
  • Learn about all the NC 529 investment options.
  • Invite friends and family to make additional contributions.
  • Keep track of your accounts.
  • Receive reminders about investing and your student’s future.

You will also find a wealth of other resources for planning a college future. Simply fill out some basic information. It will take less than five minutes. Then use the CFNC website’s information and tools year after year, whenever you want. Begin saving: Create an account on the website.

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