For a meaningful gift for a special occasion, make a contribution to an NC 529® Account for the owner or beneficiary. First, just send your contribution to the NC 529 address below. Then you may select and complete the card most appropriate for the occasion to present to your gift recipient.

  • If you have questions about gift limits and tax considerations, please consult your financial or tax advisor.
  • Contributions from anyone other than the participant (owner of the account) become the property of the participant, regardless of the relationship or the identity of the contributor. Your gift will be invested as directed in the investment instructions on file for the participant.
  • All contributions are subject to the prohibition under federal law and the Program Rules against Contributions in excess of those necessary to provide for the qualified higher education expenses of the beneficiary.
  • The minimum contribution per account is $25.
  • Make checks payable to “NC 529 Plan” and mail to:
  • NC 529 Plan, PO Box 40877, Raleigh, NC 27629-0877.
  • Please provide the NC 529 Plan Account number on the memo line of the check.


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