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Opening an account in the NC 529 Plan is free — and easy.

Enroll today – you can open an account with as little as $25.00 and add to it over time, or even better, commit to a monthly contribution plan – which you can change at any time.

Once enrolled, you can make lump-sum or periodic contributions, whichever suits your budget and helps you prepare for your child’s future education. Use our savings calculators to test different scenarios with various contribution amounts to set a savings goal that makes you comfortable.

Your NC 529 savings can be used for virtually any college anywhere in the country. And earnings on your savings are free from federal and North Carolina income taxes as long as used for qualified higher education expenses. Qualified expenses include tuition, room and board, books, computers and required extras.

We’re here to help if you have questions about enrollment or need more information about the NC 529 Plan. The earlier you get started, the more time you have to save, and the better off you’ll be when it’s time for college. No regrets. No worries. No if-onlys.

Stay on the path to college.

By making saving for college one of your priorities, you’re more likely to be prepared to pay your share of your child’s college costs. Setting up regular contributions or payroll deductions can keep you on track but don’t just “set it and forget it.” Check at least annually and consider if you can increase your contribution.

Lump-sum contributions to your account are always welcome. That’s when family gifts or tax refunds can help your account grow.

Hear more about plan options and features in the NC 529 Plan overview video.

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Enroll today!

It’s never too early or too late to start saving for college.

Savings calculators

Try various scenarios to see amounts that make a difference.

Use online or paper resources

  • To enroll
  • To set up regular or one-time electronic contributions
  • To transfer funds from another qualified savings account
  • To encourage other family members to contribute too

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Join the more than 130,000 NC 529 account owners saving with the NC 529 Plan for their children’s Scores of NC families have taken advantage of NC 529 college savings plans to save for their children’s future education. Watching these short videos may give you new ideas about how and why you should start saving!


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