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Save for College: The Definitive Guide to College Saving

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No matter how old your children or your grandchildren are, college is probably something you’ve thought about. Will they want to go to college? Will they attend your alma mater? Will they move far away or stay closer to home to continue their education? And how will you pay for college? After all, the cost of college continues to rise every year.

The good news is that you’re trying to find answers to these questions now,

How to Start a College Fund for Your Child

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The cost of college is on the rise, and no generation knows that better than millennials. Many young parents today are still paying off their own student loans; while trying to save for their children’s education. The good news is, starting a college fund while your child is young gives you a good amount of time to create a solid nest egg for their future. The decision now is where to put your money?

How Well is My 529 Plan Performing?

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Most parents understand how important it is to save for college. While a 529 plan is one of the most efficient and effective ways for families to save for school, many parents don’t know how to choose the right 529 plan. How is a parent supposed to choose the right 529 plan based on its performance?

Know How 529 Investments Work

A 529 isn’t like a regular savings account.

#NC529DASH Baby Race – Georgia Tech vs. UNC Rules

The NC 529 Plan’s Diapers to Dorms Dash is a promotion during which eligible parents of crawling/non-walking children aged 6-12 months are selected to participate in a baby race that will be held during college athletic events across North Carolina.

Official Rules:
In return for the opportunity to participate in the NC 529 Plan’s Diapers to Dorms Dash described herein (the “Promotion”), the parties require your agreement to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below (the “Official Rules”):