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Get Smart About College Costs

Understanding college costs before you apply can help you strategize. What are the different costs associated with each school? Living expenses? Books? Fees? Use our tools to find colleges that match your interests and then compare them to see how much each will cost.

Use our savings calculators to see how much you may need to save to make your dreams a reality. But, remember, paying for college is usually a shared responsibility – with you and your family, the college or university, the state, the federal government, and private organizations often pitching in. It’s an important decision. Make it a well-informed choice.

Savings Calculators

Once you’ve estimated how much money you’ll need to pay for college, experiment with this savings calculator to see how much your savings goal might be. Are you saving enough?


Initial Deposit $
Monthly Savings $
Interest Rate
Number of Years
Future Value
Interest Earned
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*Note: The results, returns or other
information generated in the Savings Calculator are hypothetical and
do not indicate actual investment results or guarantee future


Advanced College Savings Planner

Use College Savings Planner for advanced savings scenarios.

College Savings Planner

Explore Postsecondary N.C. Schools

With this tool you can explore North Carolina colleges and universities and get an idea of the cost of each. You can also easily browse information about location, number of students, majors and activities for each North Carolina school. At you can even link to school websites and online application forms.

Postsecondary NC Schools
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